Non-District 16 players may apply to the Board for permission to try out for an SLPPBC team if they first obtain a waiver from their home basketball club for which they would otherwise be eligible to play and that waiver meets the Minnesota Youth Athletic Association’s (MYAS) waiver criteria. Waiver requests are not automatically approved and will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Board. Once an incoming waiver request to enter the SLP program has been approved by the board that player’s participation is continuous in the program for subsequent years, and they are thereafter treated as an SLP player, unless there is a gap in enrollment. Returning players are still required to obtain the annual MYAS waiver policy form signed by the waiver out club(s). District 16 youth who are cut at tryouts and there is not another SLPPBC team for them to play on may request a waiver to play with another club.

Click here to obtain a waiver request form

Waiver requests for the 2019-20 traveling season must be submitted to the board president prior to September 1st.