Second grade is all about laying the foundation for the boys in our program. We are focused on making sure that the development of basketball fundamentals remains the focus in second grade so this program is designed to make sure there is less focus on winning games and more focus on helping the boys learn the fundamentals of the game. We hope the parents will join in this effort from the sidelines.

To help us accomplish this goal, here are some of the guiding principles for our 2nd-grade program:

  • All games and scrimmages are 4-on-4 so players can touch the ball more and the court is less crowded with players.

  • Teams will play 12 regular-season games but will not have a tournament. The first 2 games will be scrimmages with 1 referee and 1 coach from each team on the court. We will not keep score for the scrimmages.

  • The remaining games will run like normal games with 2 referees who will also help to coach the players during the game.

  • No free throws. No stealing (not even in the lane).

  • Every child should get a chance to play every position during games, including point guard.

  • Teams will play 8 four-minute periods

  • The boys will play on an 8-foot hoop with a 27.5-inch basketball

The season will run from early January to early March with games played on Saturdays and Sundays at schools through the Spring Lake Park and Anoka-Hennepin school districts. There will not be a tournament or a “winner” for the season for our second-grade program but all players will get a medal upon completion of their final game to help them remember the great season they had!